WRF Nursery & Garden Center
255 E 150 S
Valparaiso, IN 46383



We are a full-service landscaping company and growers of one of the largest selection of perennials, shrubs, and trees in the area. We will work with you to design the perfect landscape for your space that fits your budget.

There is no job too big or too small. Give us a call! (219) 462-TREE.


From custom brick patios to retaining walls, any job large or small we do it all. Have your project designed and managed by someone certified in advanced residential paver installation from the International Concrete Paving Institute.

Yard & Lawn Maintenance

You can call WRF Nursery & Garden Center for seasonal yard maintenance too. We do everything from fall cleanups to lawn care and maintenance to keep your property looking sharp.

Garden Center

WRF Nursery & Garden Center is committed to our customers gardening success by providing the highest quality and finest selection of new and different plants and products. We guarantee this by providing superior horticultural knowledge in a friendly, caring environment. Through our dedication to these principles and customer satisfaction, WRF Nursery will remain a customer favorite for landscaping plants and products in Northwest Indiana.

We keep our greenhouses stocked with a vast assortment of perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, shrubs, native plants, trees, and succulents.

Trees For Sale

Our 15- acre tree nursery is one of the largest in the region. We offer a variety of trees from landscaping favorites to rare ornamentals to flavorful fruit trees. For pricing or size inquiries, please visit our tree nursery at 255 E 150 S in Valparaiso. In most cases, pricing varies with the species and size of the tree you select. Most of our inventory consists of young trees less than 2” in caliper.

This list consists of deciduous tree varieties we currently carry. We also carry a large selection of evergreen trees, as well as Arborvite not listed below.

Apple ‘Connell Red’
Apple ‘Freedom’
Apple ‘Hat Trick’
Apple ‘Heralred’
Apple ‘Jonathon’
Apple ‘La Crescent’
Apple ‘Liberty’
Apple ‘Northwest Greening’
Apple ‘State Fair’
Apple ‘Snow Sweet’
Apple ‘Winecrisp’
Apple ‘Zestar’
Beech Blue
Beech Tricolor
Birch Heritage Clump
Birch ‘Parland Pillar’
Birch ‘Royal Frost’
Birch Weeping Cutleaf
Cherry ‘Black Tartarian’
Cherry Canada Red Select
Cherry ‘Lapin’
Cherry ‘May Day’
Cherry ‘North Star’
Cherry ‘Stella’
Dogwood Pagoda
Double Flowering Plum
Double Weeping Cherry ‘Higan’
Elm ‘Accolade’
Elm ‘Triumph’
Elm ‘Valley Forge’
Flowering Cherry ‘Kwanzan’
Flowering Cherry ‘Royal Burgundy’
Flowering Cherry ‘Snowgoose’
Flowering Crab ‘Adams’
Flowering Crab ‘Camelot’
Flowering Crab ‘Prairiefire’
Flowering Crab ‘Ruby Tears’
Flowering Crab ‘Sargent’
Flowering Crab ‘Spring Snow’
Flowering Crab ‘Tina’
Flowering Pear ‘Autumn Blaze’
Flowering Pear ‘Chanticleer’
Flowering Pear ‘Korean Sun’
Flowering Pear ‘Redspire’
Flowering Plum ‘Newport’
Forsythia Gold Cluster
Hackberry Common
Hawthorne ‘Crimson Cloud’
Hawthorne ‘Thornless’
Hawthorne ‘Toba’
Honeylocust ‘Imperial’
Honeylocust ‘Shademaster’
Honeylocust ‘Sunburst’
Hornbeam Pyramidal European
Hydrangea ‘Great Star’
Hydrangea ‘Limelight’
Hydrangea ‘Quickfire’ tree
Hydrangea ‘Bali’
Katsura tree
Kentucky Coffee
Kousa Dogwood Satomi
Lilac ‘Beauty of Moscow’
Lilac Dwarf Korean
Lilac ‘Golden Eclipse’
Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’
Lilac ‘Snowdance’
Linden ‘American Sentry’
Linden Silver
Littleleaf Linden ‘Greenspire’
Locust ‘Purple Robe’
Locust ‘Skyline’
Locust ‘Twisty Baby’
London Planetree
Maple ‘Armstrong’
Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’
Maple ‘Autumn Brilliance’
Maple ‘Autumn Flame’
Maple ‘Brandywine’
Maple ‘Burgundy Belle’
Maple ‘Crimson King’
Maple ‘Deborah’
Maple ‘Emerald Lustre’
Maple ‘Firefall’
Maple ‘Jade Patina’
Maple Korean
Maple ‘Matador’
Maple Norway ‘Royal Red’
Maple ‘October Glory’
Maple Paperbark
Maple ‘Red Rocket’
Maple ‘Red Sunset’
Maple ‘Scarlet Jewel’
Maple ‘Sienna Glenn’
Maple ‘State Street’
Maple Sugar ‘Fall Fiesta’
Maple Sugar ‘Green Mountain’
Maple ;Sun Valley’
Maple Varigated
Mountain Ash European
Mulberry Chaparral Weeping
Oak Bur
Oak ‘Green Pillar’
Oak ‘Heritage’
Oak Northern Pin
Oak Northern Red
Oak ‘Regal Prince’
Oak White
Ohio Buckeye
Peach ‘Bailey Hardy’
Peach ‘Contender’
Peach ‘Flamin Fury’
Peach ‘Reliance
Peach ‘Saturn’
Pear ‘Aristocrat’
Pear ‘Bosc’
Pear Cleveland Select
Pear ‘Korean Sun’
Pear ‘Magness’
Pear ‘Parker’
Pear ‘Patton’
Pear ‘Red Sensation’
Peashrub Weeping
Peking Lilac ‘Bejing Gold’
Peking Lilac ‘Coppercurls’
Plum ‘Blacklace'
Plum ‘Mount Royal’
Plum ‘Pembina’
Plum ‘Superior’
Plum ‘Toka’
Quaking Aspen
Redbud Cercis
River Birch ‘Summer Cascade’
Serviceberry ‘Autumn Brilliance’
Serviceberry ‘Lamarkii’
Showy Mountain Ash
Tilia Frontyard
Tulip Tree
Viburnumn Redwing
Weeping Cherry ‘Snow Fountain’
Willow ‘Golden Curls’
Willow ‘Praire Reflection Laurel’
Willow Weeping ‘Niobe Golden’
Yellowwood American
Yellowwood ‘Perkins Pink’
Zelkova ‘Kiwi Sunset’
Zelkova ‘Musashino’