Must See: Our Century Plant is About To Bloom

This is, quite possibly, the coolest thing to happen around here lately. Our Century Plant has sent up a flower stalk which will be the once-in-a-lifetime bloom for this plant!

Century Plants are Agave, and live to be between 10-25 years typically. It’s called a Century Plant because it takes a long time to bloom (though not 100 years like the name suggests). After it flowers, the parent plant dies.

What you see in the picture is the magnificent finale as it shoots it’s asparagus-looking flower stalk high into the air. Our manager, Rhonda, noticed the stalk when she was about to close the shade cloth in the greenhouse. As of Saturday, August 1st the stalk had already reached 8.5′ and appears to be growing at full speed!!! We’ve relocated our century plant inside our shop so we can monitor how tall it grows.

The public is welcome to view our century plant during normal business hours. You can share your Century Plant selfies with us by emailing or tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!

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