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  • 6″ Jade Plant – Crassula Ovata

    Jade is a forgiving grower and makes a great choice for beginners. Just give it a well-draining soil, bright sun, and protection from hard frost. Eventually, mature, outdoor shrubs do not need irrigation at all. You can even observe C. … Read More

  • 6″ Topsy Turvy – Echeveria runyonii

    Echeveria runyonii   Not winter hardy.

  • 6″ Zebra Plant – Haworthia Fasciata

    The gorgeous Haworthia are able to tolerate low, indoor light, making them excellent houseplants, even for beginners. They are particularly easy to grow and rarely affected by common succulent pests and diseases. Strong, drought-tolerant roots will grow if they have … Read More

  • Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

    Native to the Mediterranean, this is one of the most cold hardy fig trees available to the home gardener. It bears beautiful, medium sized fruits on older wood beginning in early summer and on new growth in early fall. It … Read More

  • Plume Flower – Justacia

    Justicia is an upright evergreen shrub that has dark green leaves and deep pink flowers that can grow 8in long.  Under good care, it can grow 4-6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide.  It’s a part shade to full shade … Read More

  • Sloth Hanging Planter

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