Notes From The Garden: #04

By Stacy Pearman, Produce Manager

We have been seeing so many new faces the last few days and we are absolutely tickled “green”!! That being said, I thought today would be a great day to touch on caring for our most popular indoor plants: succulents. Succulents are a group of thick skinned, sun loving plants that engorge their leaves and stems with water to carry them through dry spells. This is what has made them such a favorite among household plants, they don’t require daily attention!!

With the dozens of different options here in our greenhouse, you are sure to find one that you will absolutely adore. Care for these fellas is relatively straight forward. Most enjoy a full sun environment, anything over 6 hours will fit the bill. Exceptions would be directly after repotting as then they will require less direct sunlight while they acclimate to their new living quarters and a very few “pickier” varieties don’t appreciate a full day in the rays. Unlike most plants, indoor and out, succulents require a lot less water. When watering you do want to saturate the plant, but, the time between waterings is a much longer period. If the soil is dry to the touch in the first inch of the pot, its time for another good drink.

Choosing the appropriate container is another important aspect of succulent care. Since they do require a good soaking when it is time, it is extremely necessary to have a container with good drainage. If not allowed to drain properly, your new friend will quickly mold and rot from the bottom up. My last tip would be this: Succulents prefer tight quarters. By this i mean, unlike most plants who prefer space to grow, succulents are happiest in pots where their roots are tightly bound.

I would say that almost 90% of people who have trouble with succulents is due to over watering. These three tips alone should keep you and your plant on a healthy path to success.


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