Ready in Winter

A Gardner’s Guide to Getting Ready for Spring

Feel ready to “spring” into action? Get a head start by taking care of these gardening tasks in the coming weeks.

  • Spray fruit trees with horticultural oil
  • Prune fruit trees
  • Schedule spring cleanup appointments and/or annual lawn maintenance with landscapers
  • Inquire about professional landscaping design consults
  • Take measurements/pictures of your yard and gardening spaces to have on hand.
  • Create a garden journal or calendar
  • Review 2023 garden successes and challenges in your journal to help you plan for the coming season
  • Build a compost bin for your kitchen and garden scraps
  • Research gardening techniques such as companion planting, vertical gardening, permaculture, seed saving, or anything else of interest
  • Get inspired by browsing Proven Winners. Look for perennials and shrubs that tolerate Zone 5 or colder for this region.
  • Some seedlings can be started indoors
  • Organize, repair and clean garden accessories
  • Clean and sharpen garden tools
  • Shop for spring planting bulbs and store until ready
  • If needed, reseed your lawn prior to the ground thawing. Check out this Purdue article about Spring reseeding.
  • Send us an email for general plant availability questions at

Our garden center typically opens on or around March 1st, with most plant shipments arriving in April. If you would like to schedule a visit prior to this, call us at (219) 462-TREE.

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