Using Root Stimulator on New Plantings

For just about any kind of plant– be it perennials, shrubs, or trees– we highly recommend purchasing Ferti-lome Root Stimulator. The root stimulator does a number of things. For one, if you have ammended your soil prior to planting (which is often done), those additives begin to break down and use nitrogen. Fertilome Root Stimulator contains a mild plant food, putting some of the nitrogen back in the soil to help it not only grow, but thrive.

The second thing this product does is, of course, stimulate the roots. It contains a rooting hormone to help get your plant started.

How To Apply

In general, mix three and a half tablespoons to a gallon of water and simply water it in around the plant.

Remember to always water your shrubs and trees thoroughly when helping it establish itself, but don’t over do it. Shallow waterings do not encourage the roots to grow down to find water.

You will want to continue using Fertilome Root Stimulator (as per label instructions) when you water for the first few weeks. Remember to take into account heavy rains and your plant’s need for water. If you have any questions on planting or plant care, feel free to call us at 219-462-TREE.

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